I am in the U.K. this week visiting and contacting leading boarding schools - or public schools as they are called here.

My outreach has included Wycombe Abbey School, the King's School Canterbury and Westminster School in London.

See the photos attached of my visit to Westminster School, some with Westminster Abbey in focus, as the school and Abbey are inextricably linked. It's a half term holiday so no students were around unfortunately.

In its typical British less is more style, there is no sign to enter Westminster School. The school's quad seen in the photo is known as Dean's Yard. One of England's first founded schools, Westminster has educated a diverse group of students from Sir Christopher Wren to A.A. Milne, as well as seven Prime Ministers. Fun fact: Milne, the Winnie the Pooh creator, left his estate to Westminster!

I am pleased to be overseeing a student application to these fine schools.

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