I had a fascinating time last week touring just a few of the many excellent New England boarding schools, and ending with meetings at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I am in close contact with the leadership there.

On the trip, I was able to reconnect with former colleagues at Berkshire School from when I was Dean of Enrolment and Head of School. You will see photos from a range of schools, including the individualized education for boys at the Woodhall School, to leading traditional boarding schools from Choate Rosemary Hall, Berkshire, Trinity-Pawling, Salisbury and the Gunnery to a highly regarded junior boarding school, Rumsey Hall.

It was great to see my former associate director at Berkshire, Matthew Woodhall, who has taken on the mantle from his parents, who founded the Woodhall School, of meeting boys where they are and nurturing them well. I was able also to spend a half day at Choate, one of the leading schools in the United States with a global brand presence, where I had excellent meetings. They were set up by Chris Reichart, a member of the Choate advancement office, and who I had the pleasure of admitting to Berkshire when I was there. Always good to see alumni doing well!

On this trip, I met many other staff from admissions offices. My knowledge of US schools, and the network of contacts I have there, enables me to advise families effectively who are looking to the United States.

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