Seen here with the Director of Admission at Berkshire School MA, Dana Anselmi

Students around Canada and the US have returned to school this past week and in August in some parts of the heat belt of the Southern US. I am proud this season to have assisted students with entry to Blair Academy in New Jersey, Berkshire School in Massachusetts, Storm King School in New York State, and Shawnigan Lake School in BC, Canada. I wish them great success and will be checking in with them over the year to see how they are settling in to these terrific boarding school environments.

I had one other student accepted at Landmark School in Massachusetts but he was unable to attend due to the worrisome political sitation in Hong Kong and being unable to get a study visa. These are worrying times for the students in Hong Kong and China wishing to gain study visas for North American schools. In the midst of the trade wars - in which Canada is caught in the midddle - the numbers applying from China to boarding schools in Canada and the US appear to be dropping. Families quite naturally are nervous. Some schools see the drop in applications as a cause for concern while others like my former boarding American admission colleague, Richard Brande, see it as a “correction.” I agree with Rich.

Chinese families value and respect both North American education and the opportunities we provide at stimulating and safe boarding schools. The market will remain strong for schools that provide great programs and a high level of care for International students.

In fact, for me as a consultant this first week of school has seen good activity and I am now working with one top-class student from Vancouver who is a championship fencer wanting a US boarding school - and two talented girls who wish to transfer next fall to one of the leading San Francisco Bay Area day schools. Also I have two ongoing clients looking at BC boarding schools.

So, I’m looking forward with confidence to the new admissions season with these excellent youngsters!