Alex Shuman

Allen-Stevenson School ’97, Berkshire ’00, St. Lawrence University ’04, former faculty at Indian Mountain School CT, current Faculty at the Taft School CT

As a young ninth grader at the Allen-Stevenson School in New York City, I entered the world of boarding school admissions not knowing where I wanted to go. Numerous admissions officers came to speak to my class about their school—which all blended into one after awhile. However, when Phil Jarvis came to speak about Berkshire School, something felt different. He spoke with a passion and enthusiasm that was infectious and made me want to visit the school immediately (I also remember him informing us that we could have a landline phone in our room–how times have changed!). I had a wonderful experience during my three years at Berkshire which began my journey into the world of prep schools. I am now in my tenth year teaching and coaching in boarding schools and I cannot recommend Phil Jarvis enough. He is a wonderful man who will not lead you astray.

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